Dynamic Franchisee Assessor

The Dynamic Franchisee Assessor is a de-selection tool, designed to be the “first-cut” assessment of whether the candidate has what it takes to be successful as a franchisee. The Dynamic Franchisee Assessor is a fast and easy way to pre-screen prospective franchisees, and we’ve made it easy on the budget as well.

The Dynamic Franchisee Assessor is a less comprehensive version of the FranchiZe Profile.It’s designed to “flag” unsuitable candidates early on in the screening process. It allows a franchisor to make early cuts of unfit candidates; this can save you valuable time and money in interviewing, discussions and travel for ultimately unsuitable candidates.

The profile results will tell you:

  • - If the candidate will follow or resist the advice of the franchisor.
  • - If the candidate will act in an insensitive or uncaring manner, or avoid tasks and situations involving interpersonal interaction.
  • - If the candidate will work consistently and intensely, even in the face of adversities that he/she may encounter as a franchisee.
  • - If the candidate will engage in unlawful, unethical or otherwise dysfunctional ways while managing their franchise.

The Dynamic Franchisee Assessor is a self-administered web-based questionnaire that assesses candidates in four critical areas important to owning and operating a franchise business – no matter what type of business.

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